State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Technology Arrives at Mason Greenstar, Inc.

A new and unique breed of manufacturing technology has arrived at Mason Greenstar, Inc. Headquarters in Mason, Texas. In one end, of the first ever Greenstar BLOX® automated production line, goes recycled paper, cement, water, and a series of patented organic additives; out the other end comes a high performing and sustainable building material that can be used to construct homes, walls, and buildings. The state-of-the-art machinery arrived in Mason last Tuesday night and engineers and crews worked swiftly over the next two days to get the machinery set up and running.

Greenstar BLOX®, an energy efficient and environmentally friendly building material, have been produced manually over the last ten years. The new automated manufacturing methods bring to Mason Greenstar a tremendous advancement in the areas of quality control and output for product; as well as new horizons for ‘papercrete’ and the world of “green” building.

Mason Greenstar is the exclusive manufacturer of Greenstar BLOX®, an innovative building material comprised of recycled cellulose (State of Texas newspapers, phone books, and lottery tickets), cement, and a patented blend of organic additives. The advantages of using the Greenstar BLOX® system are numerous. In addition to being a FEMA certified Safety Shelter Component; the sustainable building material possesses properties such as fire, water, termite, mold, and ballistics resistance. Because of its high insulation factor and thermal mass it provides tremendous savings in heating and cooling costs during the lifetime of the structure compared to conventional construction. The simplicity of the building system saves money (as much as 20% compared to conventional construction) throughout the construction process by eliminating the need for numerous building materials and crews, and eliminating the amount of waste going to a landfill from a job site.

After searching throughout the United States for manufacturing technology that was able to accommodate their unique mix, Mason Greenstar turned to Solution GRB of St. Alphonse de Granby, Quebec, Canada. Most all types of “block-making” machines are of a dry cast nature using little or no water. Mason Greenstar’s mix involves more water and is likeable to a slurry, thus requiring specialized handling in the manufacturing process. Specializing in various types of automated technology systems, Solution GRB has worked closely with Mason Greenstar over the last four plus years on the development and construction of the manufacturing machinery.

Mason Greenstar conducted testing on the machinery as soon as it was assembled to ensure all aspects of the technology were functioning properly. The next several days were spent running trial mixes, consisting of only paper and water, through each of the individual automated processes. Once all aspects of the machinery were optimized, the Mason Greenstar team began running full recipes and late Sunday afternoon produced their first Greenstar BLOX® through automation.

The automated machinery is first being utilized to cast Greenstar Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) BLOX® in the dimensions of 8” tall, 12” wide and 24” long. Greenstar ICF BLOX will provide expedient construction techniques and a higher performing replacement for a variety of conventional construction products. The automated technology enables Mason Greenstar to cast products in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Anything from a structural block to a veneer brick or a ceiling tile to a sound barrier are able to be manufactured.

As the first Greenstar BLOX® products roll of the production line they will be sent to Texas Tech University, a Corporate Partner of Mason Greenstar, for a rigorous course of testing to make numerous determinations on properties and performance. The new manufacturing system will serve as a smaller scale manufacturing line for Mason Greenstar, as well as provide feedback for the advancement of the production technology. A “green” minded company, Mason Greenstar is continuing work on the reuse of ‘bleed’ water and the capture of rainwater to use in manufacturing processes. Ongoing research and development of the machinery will lead to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly aspects of future manufacturing lines.

Mason Greenstar is a member of the United States Green Building Council and Tilt Up Concrete Association, as well as a Corporate Sponsor of The National Storm Shelter Association.

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