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Greenstar BLOX® is currently the most innovative green building product in the construction industry. What makes Greenstar BLOX® unique is the “papercrete” composition: blocks are sustainable building materials comprised of recycled cellulose, cement, and a patented blend of organic additives. Not only are Greenstar BLOX® green building materials, the ENTIRE manufacturing process is green. Mason Greenstar manufactures our products with consideration for the source of materials and use of recycled materials. By using energy-efficient manufacturing methods and reclaiming manufacturing waste, we create eco-friendly building products. Greenstar BLOX® has undergone extensive product testing, yielding favorable performance results. Its superior strength, coupled with resistance to fire, water and common pests makes Greenstar BLOX® by Mason Greenstar the gateway product to revolutionize the construction industry.

The patented Greenstar BLOX mix is able to be cast into various shapes, sizes and forms to manufacture products designed to construct homes, buildings, storm shelters and retaining walls, along with many other applications. Building green with eco-friendly building materials eliminate the amount of waste going to a landfill from a job site. Being able to construct a building or home with environmentally friendly building products that are also non-combustible is a major benefit of using Greenstar BLOX.
The versatility of the technology and the added value (true dimensions, batch consistency, quality control, etc.) to a mechanically produced product allows Mason Greenstar, Inc. to present several prototypes of products that will soon be available.
Among the first items expected to roll off the automated line are Greenstar BLOX, Greenstar BRIX, Greenstar CMU, Greenstar ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), Greenstar Panels, as well as many other products.

Future/Potential Products & Applications:

Mason Greenstar Inc. offers a variety of products green building products comprised of the patented Greenstar BLOX® mixture, as well as products that compliment and are compatible with the building system. The mixture is ideal for numerous construction markets. With process modifications and raw material variances, allowed for in the patent, and simply changing the size or shape of casting moulds; the Greenstar BLOX technology can conform to industry standards for all aspects of precast concrete products.

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Regulated Applications

Regulated Applications

  • Wall applications –Bearing walls and Non-Bearing walls
  • Raised floor precast piers
  • Various Panel Systems:
    • System alone
    • Part of another system
    • Tilt-Ups for commercial applications
  • Simulated brick or stone veneer system
  • Wall sheathing materials –structural and non-structural
  • Precast components for fireplace boxes
  • Retaining wall systems
  • Roof sheathing
  • Roofing
  • Wind born debris protection –Storm Shelters
  • Non-bearing fire wall protection systems
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)
  • Department of Transportation Applications such as Highway Dividers, Construction Barriers, and Sound Barriers
  • Ballistic Resistance Systems (Military Applications)

Unegulated Applications

Unregulated Applications

  • Yard pavers
  • Pre-Cast HVAC compressor unit ground platforms
  • Rebar spacing blocks
  • Wall sheathing –non-structural
  • Urban/Wild land fire protection for openings
  • Precast stair treads
  • Hurricane and tornado opening protection system
  • Deck Blocks

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