Highlights of Mason Greenstar’s Food, Shelter, Water “One for One” Initiative

Shelter, along with food and water, is a necessity of living on planet earth. A shelter provides cover and protection from inclement weather and a place of refuge for safe and healthy living. Unfortunately, in today’s modern world there are a great number of human beings who do not have adequate, if any, shelter at all.

The Food, Shelter, Water “One for One” Initiative seeks to provide sustainable, energy efficient, safe, affordable-to-maintain Greenstar BLOX® homes and shelters, at no charge, to those whom may not have a living space or need improved living conditions in the United States and across the globe.

Greenstar BLOX® wall systems are compatible with traditional or local construction materials that are used for windows, doors, and roofs. This not only brings safe homes to a village or community, but an influx of commerce to local businesses, suppliers, and laborers. The program includes investment in ongoing development of various building systems that will cater toward the needs of individuals and families in specific geographic regions. The development of a “kit type” concept will make delivery and construction expedient, and the lightweight nature of Greenstar BLOX® makes the highly insulated and sustainable product easily transported to remote areas or disaster zones.

Mason Greenstar is developing a team of skilled and motivated individuals dedicated toward every aspect of the program including project identification, strategic planning, logistical support, material and construction coordination, program development, and impact evaluations.

Beyond providing shelter, Mason Greenstar is striving to develop partnerships and aspects of the program which will improve access to a sustainable food system and clean drinking water, to be provided with these homes and shelters, in underdeveloped areas of the globe.

The Food, Shelter, Water “One for One” Initiative will be funded by private donations, events and fundraisers, giving partners, federal assistance and grant programs, project matching “One for One”, as well as all proceeds from the sale of Mason Greenstar’s line of FOOD, SHELTER, WATER merchandise. The volume of “One for One” projects is based on a yet to be determined ratio that would provide one shelter for a particular number of Greenstar BLOX® units sold.

To learn more about Mason Greenstar’s Food, Shelter, Water “One for One” Initiative, please call 1-877-MGS-BLOX

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