Building with Greenstar BLOX

Building with Greenstar BLOX® is construction made simple. Never before has a building block exhibited the performance that Greenstar BLOX does. Greenstar BLOX provide structural integrity and insulation qualities every building must possess; in a single process.

Other wall systems use concrete to fill the open cells or honeycomb spaces. This is usually required to provide structural strength, but the concrete provides a poor insulation value of R-0.9.

Greenstar BLOX mortar is made from the same recycled cellulose, cement, water, and additives that are used in the production. Greenstar BLOX attach with mortar to the slab, footing, or sub-floor. This forms a monolithic wall system that will stand up against any other masonry product on the market. Greenstar BLOX far exceeds the expectations of conventional masonry.

Using conventional masonry construction methods; Greenstar BLOX are laid by course, just like any other block or brick, using the same material as mortar, staggering joints and overlapping corners. Trenches can be easily cut to house electrical and plumbing lines then packed with mortar during the scratch coat application. Greenstar BLOX are lightweight – only 8.5 pounds – as compared to the same size adobe block which can weigh over 30 pounds, a compressed earth block weighing 40 lbs, or a lightweight concrete block weighing over 30 pounds. Masonry builders prefer building with Greenstar BLOX because it saves time, energy, and their backs. Using the Greenstar BLOX building system greatly reduces labor costs.

Rough openings for doors and windows should be known at the time Greenstar BLOX construction begins. In these openings, wood or steel frames are recommended and should be accounted for in the size of the rough opening. The frames house the door or window and can be attached with lag bolts. A header or lintel of wood or steel should span all doors and windows to distribute weight evenly.

The same slurry mix used for mortar is also used for the scratch coat. The scratch coat adheres to Greenstar BLOX walls without the need for a metal lathe. At this stage, a finish plaster system is recommended to seal the exterior surfaces. The interior wall finishes are limitless, ranging from earthen clays to paints.

Mason Greenstar will send Greenstar BLOX, Greenstar Fiber, and necessary additives for your project’s mortar and scratch coat. Portland cement and water are the only ingredients of the field mix that must be provided by the customer. Your local hardware store or lumber yard can provide the necessary bags of cement. When you eliminate extensive framing materials, home-wrap, insulation, sheet rock materials, and the necessary labor from the construction of a traditionally built wall, you save time and money while getting so much more with Greenstar BLOX.

Given the skyrocketing cost of building materials and construction and the pressing need for new homes, it is just a matter of time before Greenstar BLOX takes its place as an acceptable and desirable building material. Greenstar BLOX has acquired acceptance in several municipalities throughout the southwestern United States, including Lubbock, Texas, and will soon be moving swiftly through building code approval across the nation. Ask your local building code officials about how you can build with Greenstar BLOX in your community or contact us at (325)347-0375.

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