Highlights of Mason Greenstar’s Food, Shelter, Water “One for One” Initiative

Shelter, along with food and water, is a necessity of living on planet earth. A shelter provides cover and protection from inclement weather and a place of refuge for safe and healthy living. Unfortunately, in today’s modern world there are a great number of human beings who do not have adequate, if any, shelter at all.

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Mason Greenstar, Inc. Wins Innovation Award for Environmentally Friendly Building Material


(Las Vegas, Nevada) Greenstar BLOX®, manufactured by Mason Greenstar Inc. in Mason, Texas, has been selected as the Industry Choice Award Winner for the 12th Annual “Most Innovative Products Award” at the 2014 World of Concrete, a construction industry tradeshow, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The environmentally friendly building product was chosen as the winner by popular vote in the Masonry Materials & Equipment category.

“It is a great honor for our young company to have been chosen for this award.” said, President of Mason Greenstar, Zach Rabon “Our team has worked very hard to develop our product to a level where it could be recognized in such a program, as well as in promoting the technology on such a grand and global scale.”

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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Technology Arrives at Mason Greenstar, Inc.

A new and unique breed of manufacturing technology has arrived at Mason Greenstar, Inc. Headquarters in Mason, Texas. In one end, of the first ever Greenstar BLOX® automated production line, goes recycled paper, cement, water, and a series of patented organic additives; out the other end comes a high performing and sustainable building material that can be used to construct homes, walls, and buildings. The state-of-the-art machinery arrived in Mason last Tuesday night and engineers and crews worked swiftly over the next two days to get the machinery set up and running.

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Building with Greenstar BLOX

Building with Greenstar BLOX® is construction made simple. Never before has a building block exhibited the performance that Greenstar BLOX does. Greenstar BLOX provide structural integrity and insulation qualities every building must possess; in a single process.

Other wall systems use concrete to fill the open cells or honeycomb spaces. This is usually required to provide structural strength, but the concrete provides a poor insulation value of R-0.9.

Greenstar BLOX mortar is made from the same recycled cellulose, cement, water, and additives that are used in the production. Greenstar BLOX attach with mortar to the slab, footing, or sub-floor. This forms a monolithic wall system that will stand up against any other masonry product on the market. Greenstar BLOX far exceeds the expectations of conventional masonry.

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