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  • Did You Know?

    It takes one acre of clear cut forest to produce the necessary lumber for a 2000 sq ft home.
    It takes 30 years to regenerate that one acre.
  • Did You Know?

    Greenstar BLOX are 65% recycled cellulose, 20% cementitous binder and 15% water and organic additives.
  • GreenStar BLOX®

    Produced by Mason Greenstar Inc.
  • Did You Know?

    By recycling 1 ton of paper you save:
    17 Trees
    6953 gallons of water
    463 gallons of oil
    587 lbs. of air pollution
    4077 kilowatt hours of energy
  • Did You Know?

    83% of the world's land surface is under human influence, leaving only 17% of natural environment.

Sustainable Building

Building construction and operations can have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment, society, and economy, which are commonly referred to as the 3 P's ('People', 'Planet', 'Pocketbook'). The field of sustainable design seeks to balance the needs of these areas by using an integrated approach to harmonize needs and create win-win-win design solutions.

The main objectives of sustainable design are to reduce, or completely avoid, depletion of critical resources like energy, water, and raw materials; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure throughout their life cycle; and create built environments that are livable, comfortable, safe, and productive.


FEMA-certified Safety Shelter.

Greenstar BLOX® has been tested to withstand extreme hurricane and tornado wind strengths.


Made from Recycled Materials.

65% Recycled Cellulose. Sources include newsprint, phonebook, lottery tickets, and other cellulose blended materials. Contributes to LEED Certification and creates superior thermal performance.


Non-Combustible/Fire Resistant.

Superior structural integrity for better resistance to fires and forces of nature compared with wood framed walls.


Water & Mold Resistant.

Greenstar BLOX® perform very much like any standard masonry unit.


High Insulating.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation -R Value up to 3.2/Inch.


Superior Strength.

High performing elastic modulus includes uniaxial compression, flexural, and tensile strengths.