Mason Greenstar

a Texas Corporation

Founded in June of 2005

Located in Mason, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Mason Greenstar is a company focused on developing and commercializing innovative, environmentally friendly building materials that are competitively priced and can be easily integrated into conventional building projects. Texas Tech University, an equity partner, is currently putting Greenstar BLOX® through a rigorous testing protocol aimed toward developing building codes for numerous products through the International Code Council and bringing the technology to the forefront of the construction industry. Mason Greenstar Inc. is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), a Global Associate of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) and a Corporate Sponsor of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).

Mason Greenstar Inc., pledges to limit and minimize any negative effects that may be made to the Earth as a result of the gathering of raw materials and resources, manufacturing our green building products, distributing sales materials, and other business activities.


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    Research & Development

Our Products.


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Greenstar BLOX® Adobe

Greenstar BLOX® is currently the most innovative green building product in the construction industry. What makes Greenstar BLOX® unique is the "papercrete" composition: blocks are sustainable building materials comprised of recycled cellulose, cement, and a patented blend of organic additives. Not only are Greenstar BLOX® green building materials, the ENTIRE manufacturing process is green. Mason Greenstar manufactures our products with consideration for the source of materials and use of recycled materials. By using energy-efficient manufacturing methods and reclaiming manufacturing waste, we create eco-friendly building products. Greenstar BLOX® has undergone extensive product testing, yielding favorable performance results. Its superior strength, coupled with resistance to fire, water and common pests makes Greenstar BLOX® by Mason Greenstar the gateway product to revolutionize the construction industry.


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Greenstar BRIX®

Mason Greenstar’s patented Greenstar BLOX® technology has led to the innovation of Greenstar BRIX™. These energy efficient building products are available in both a standard and king size version with various color options. Greenstar BRIX™ have less breakage than traditional bricks and their lighter weight allows the ability to ship more for less cost, thus creating a high performance building envelope solution. Greenstar BRIX™ are structurally tough and can be used for retro-fitting existing structures for added energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability. Designed by builders, for builders, Greenstar BRIX™ are laid by course, just like any standard masonry construction, by staggering joints and over lapping corners. With more expedient, advantageous and less wasteful methods than traditional construction, the Greenstar BRIX™ green building product will reduce the use of lumber which results in less jobsite waste.


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Greenstar BLOX® - CMU

Greenstar BLOX® - CMU is another resilient advancement in the Mason Greenstar line of environmentally friendly building products. Greenstar BLOX® - CMU is the first pre-insulated “cinder block” with 8” x 8” x 16” dimensions and 2” – 4” cores. Among the key features of this green building product is the ability to reinforce with steel and concrete in the cores and Greenstar BLOX® - CMU are one-third of the weight and twice the strength of a conventional CMU. This cutting-edge, sustainable building material accommodates a number of different finishes both inside and out and is laid course by course like standard masonry. By discovering responsible alternatives for manufacturing construction materials and better building ideas, Mason Greenstar is leading the way for building green, creating a healthier living environment.


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Greenstar BLOX® – ICF

Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) Insulated Concrete Form are 8" x 12" x 24" and provide a high performing replacement for a variety of conventional construction products. Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) is made of recycled raw materials and has the capability of being reinforced by steel.

Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) has the same qualities as papercrete such as fire proof, water resistant, sound barrier, lightweight, and many more. Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) proves to perform better than papercrete in a variety of ways with a higher R-Value. Additionally, Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) has greater compressive strength and lighter weight compared to traditional structural building materials. This particular product is able to be manufactured with or without ribs, which will provide a 'nailer' for sheetrock or siding, and a channel to run wiring. The Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) interlocks on either side and from top to bottom. The interior and exterior of the Greenstar BLOX® - (ICF) system can serve as the finish or it can be finished in a variety of ways.

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